The “Bischof Manfred Müller Schule” is a full-time, independent, Catholic school, offering facilities for both boys and girls. The age of the pupils ranges from five to sixteen. The school hosts an elementary school and a secondary school (Mittelschule), including Grade 10. The „Bischof Manfred Müller Schule“ is a happy and vibrant school. In our school we try to establish and stabilize their characters and performance during their years at our secondary school. We offer children a balanced education in a stable environment, but one nonetheless focused on the future. We set equal worth on our wide range of extra-curricular activities, clubs and our pastoral care. We are teaching according to the “Marchtaler Plan” principles of which are the morning circles, free working periods, linked teaching units and subject teaching including vocational training. We focus on Religious and Musical Education. Musical Education is very important to our school. In our elementary school we have different choirs for our youngest pupils, especially in our secondary school (Mittelschule) music plays a prominent role. We offer a wind instrument class in year 5 & 6 which is followed by a Big Band from year 7 on. We also have a schoolband club. The school provides music lessons for various instruments such as flute, recorder, guitar, violine, cello, piano, organ and many more. There is a choir for teachers and parents (called “ELCH”) and a teacher band called “Lehrgut”. The “Bischof Manfred Müller Schule” is, above all, a community in which children can grow, for we seek to develop the whole person, so that he or she can enter into the fullness of life. Children are at the heart of everything we do at “Bischof Manfred Müller Schule”, and we have a reputation for our pastoral care which produces confident and enthusiastic children who really enjoy their learning.


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