Our students come from different regional parts of Turkey. 50% of them are from a disadvantaged socio-economic background when compared with the average standard in the town centre. There are also a large number of SEN students who follow ‘Individual Education Programme’ in mixed ability classes of the school. Our SEN students are actively included into our school life and put into support groups where their special needs are catered for. Our school has strong partnerships with neighbouring schools. We take part in important championships on folkdance and sport activities held in our province. Antbirlik Primary School was founded as Mimar Sinan Primary School in 1975. The factory of Antbirlik supported the school and gave it its name in 1989. Due to the old condition of the school’s building and the high number of pupils’ intake, we started to build a new site on the adjoining grounds. We plan to move to the new school building next year. The proposed ‘MUSIC project’ and our new school building are of crucial importance to raise motivation of teachers and pupils and allow us to make a fresh start and raise our profile in the local community. We hope to gain a better image among parents and want to be a school where parents and pupils are happy to be. Developing a multi-cultural context for teachers and pupils through leading this MUSIC project, we hope to reach this ideal image. We have been proactive in planning MUSIC project and hosted the preparatory visit at our school welcoming our project partners from England, Slovenia and Czech Republic. As the coordinator and active partner of the project, we have responsibilities for the production and coordination of project activities and outcomes. We are going to organise and host our Project’s Multicultural Music Show on 23rd of April 2014. We have been a very reliable partner for other partners and determined to be the same throughout the project process and after.


Antbİrlİk İlköğretİm Okulu

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