Projects objectives and strategy

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The MUSIC project aims to form a mosaic of six project partner countries’ cultural elements.


  • Teach, search and learn six languages, and elements of art, dance, and literature of partners.
  • Learn Intercultural Communication and develop Intercultural Learning Competence.
  • Improve Intercultural Communication methodology skills.
  • Gain confidence in our native cultures and become aware of our cultural heritages.
  • Improve our aesthetic taste and appreciate art.
  • Learn about others in Europe and accept differences as indispensable tools of enriching life and valuing diversity.
  • Be motivated to learn cultures in Europe and in the world.
  • Gain knowledge on modern computer programmes (Moviemaker, Slide-share, Web-design, Online Class Tools,) and technology of communication in Europe.
  • Have real online and multi-cultural teaching experiences.
  • Have real-life experiences in other parts of Europe.
  • Improve our skills of teamwork and project management
  • Integrate to each other; learn to cope with stereotyped thinking, misjudgements and xenophobes.

We are determined to attain project goals via the following approaches: APPROACHES TO BE TAKEN:

  • Forming Comenius Creativity Clubs (CCC) for simultaneous online classes where intercultural learning curriculum is used (VOXCONFERENCING).
  • Create a Comenius Dance, and a multi-language project song, performing traditional songs and dances by multinational chorus and dance groups.
  • Conducting research on traditional songs, dances and art icons of partner countries,
  • Job shadowing
  • Cooperation of teams to organise the performances and exhibitions.
  • Using the assembled activities in the Intercultural Learning curriculum (inspired from the books ‘Jazz Chants’, ‘Intercultural Competence in Practice’ and ‘Intercultural Approach to English Language’).
  • Recording Music DVD (Moviemaker, Slide share, Video-monkey) informative video-clips.
  • Research for music instruments and composing diaries of the chosen instruments narrating the daily life, eating habits, food, relations, roles of family members, education activities, facilities of a child in that culture. The works are going to be collected under ‘Cultural Music Instruments Diaries’.
  • Developing a project web-site using the programmes Glogster, WordPress, Arnes. The website will include downloadable audio-visual materials, forum, online chat, Comenius info and questionnaires.
  • Exhibition of art icons of project countries.

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