About the project

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The ‘MUSIC Project’ focuses on music as a means to enhance learning experiences of students, improving their attitudes towards different cultures of Europe. The partnership includes schools from Turkey, Slovenia, Czech Republic, England, Germany and Italy. – The project will develop the linguistic and IT skills of the participants through innovative project tasks. – Gaining deeper understanding and knowledge of others in the EU has been the motive of the partnership. – Enhancing students’ independent learning skills, working in teams and taking on the roles of leadership will be supported during the project process. – Students will use their researches to embark on multi-national and creative activities, debating on art figures, instruments, intercultural learning both in structured e-classroom activities and in ‘Comenius Creativity Clubs’. – Having an international dialogue on different issues that affect their lives will have an influence on our students’ perception of the world. This will enrich their visions with a wealth of art, song and dance performances. – ‘Intercultural Shows” will be organised in Turkey, Germany and England, in which all partner schools and local authorities cooperate. – A teacher’s ‘job shadowing’ programme included in project tasks is a perfect Continued Professional Development (CPD) opportunity for teachers to exchange teaching methods and facilitate the project approaches. Finally, the partnership which is the outcome of collaborative work between EU countries will have a strong multiplier effect on our schools’ attitudes towards bringing together a diversity of cultures through the medium of cultural exchanges. We feel that the bonds created will allow us to develop further challenging projects for our students.

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