Our school is a small primary and secondary school in a rural territory, in the north-east of Italy, sixty kilometers from Venice. In our territory we are living a relatively new phenomenon of immigration, and our school, in particular is the head of a very active intercultural network of schools. Together with the other schools in the district we are organizing and coordinating integrating activities addressed to the new students coming to our schools from different countries. All our students have the chance of learning to play an instrument: they can choose among the percussions, the guitar, the violin and the harp. The students have also learned, played, acted and sung two important classical operas. We think this “musical” attitude of our school is the best connection to our new Comenius project. It will be really fascinating the opportunity to share our experience with our partners and even more the possibility of knowing different cultures from different music traditions; music is also used as a tool  for integrating strategies. Taking part to this project will teach pupils to organize their activities, will improve their self-confidence, will give them the awareness of different cultures , will widen their minds, will give them a good opportunity of learning and using a foreign language. Teachers too will improve their teaching techniques; will have the opportunity of exchanging experience, comparing methods, learning new strategies.

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