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MUSIC project aims to incorporate the knowledge and experience from project partner schools of England, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Turkey. With the power of music, students, teachers and parents have come together, motivated to work for the project success. Their voice will be heard by minimum 5000 people. Project products will include of six partner countries’ elements of music, art, literature, creativity and languages. It is known that the atmosphere created by the music enhances the ability of learners to remember better and this shortens the time spent for rote-learning. It is also accepted that music is not only an important means of reflecting cultures but it is also effective to allow for the acquisition of language sub-skills, like vocabulary, listening, grammar embracing lots of authentic repetitions of utterances. The music has an inevitable effect of lowering the anxiety filter of learners that even humming a few rhymes stimulate a relaxed and enjoyable learning atmosphere. Songs, needless to say, are useful in providing familiarity with the beliefs, values, norms and attitudes of cultures as well as they are part of the semantics and syntax of languages. Being motivated to make use of multicultural music and creativity activities, we aim to touch and feel the souls of six partner countries and those of Europe by digging our way through musical notes and reaching to languages, and enriching our visions with dance, art, creativity, technology and finally being satisfied with genuine communications among cultures. According to us, culture is a very important inspiration for the continuation and survival of the project; this is the reason why we value all of the cultures in the world with the same respect. No specific identity or product of culture can be superior or inferior to others; they are all contributions towards the enrichment and diversity of the societies they are part of.

The MUSIC project design has been arranged very carefully to make the project full of learning opportunities for pupils, teachers, parents, administrators and local communities. The project has already yielded some interesting outcomes. Six partner schools have been communicating for at least seven months trying to cooperate and learn from each other.

The preparatory visit held in Antalya (Turkey) with the participation of four partners before project submission can be taken as evidence of the success of the on-going collaboration amongst partners.

The project tasks and its outcomes will serve as a learning tool for pupils at the following levels:

  • Development in existing English Language competencies to a great extent and motivation to learn five other partner languages.
  • Gaining insights and learning about the music, art, literature, dance, culture and technology tools of Europe.
  • Learning about cultural diversity and intercultural communication.
  • Improving the various skills of the learners at the level of ICT, multiculturalism, team work and initiative taking.

Teachers will acquire and develop new skills throughout the MUSIC project and,

  • learn about the basics of five other European languages,
  • experience ‘job-shadowing’ and establishing a coherent foundation for forthcoming Comenius Student Mobility Actions,
  • develop project management and multicultural team work techniques, working in diverse cultural contexts and conditions,
  • improve skills of intercultural learning methodology and compare their skills of teaching with their colleagues from partner countries.



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