Základní škola Ukrajinská is located in Kladno, near to the capital city Prague. Designated as public elementary facility, this first through nineth grade school serves approximately 653 students with 47 teachers. The teaching methods and philosophies vary widely from teacher to teacher. Most of the teachers employ progressive methods. The school wide curriculum is not rigidly enforced, thus, teachers have time for both independent projects and creative methods. In addition to its classroom teachers, the school has a strong group of support teachers and non-classroom staff. All staff members are in constant contact and collaboration with respect to students and learning environments.The school has never been participated in Comenius Programme but we are all very enthusiastic to get involve in multilateral cooperation. Our school is often dealing with various issues connected to low social-culture status of some students. We also work with many foreign students, Czech for foreigners is taught at our school.

Web: http://www.14zskladno.cz/

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