Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny Nr 6 w Rzeszowie

The Primary and Kindergarten Complex No 6 in Rzeszów consists of the Public Kindergarten No 21 and the Primary School No 27. It is a complex located in the centre of a big city estate. The children that attend kindergarten are between 3 and 6 years old. 194 children learn in 7 age groups. There are 12 kindergarten teachers who take care of them. In the Primary School No 27 there are 810 students and 71 teachers. In the school complex the emphasis is put on motivating and activising children in the process of learning. The learning activities undertaken by us will allow us to take part in an international project of exchanging the good practices, which is aimed at innovative educational activities, actively and effectively. Five years ago we introduced teaching of the programming and coding. At the beginning there were additional classes for the students who were interested in them.

Now, the basics of the programming are learnt by the six-year-olds who attend our kindergarten and the programming classes are run on each educational stage, from grade 1 to 8. To make the classes more interesting, two years ago we introduced classes connected with programming the robots for the students from grades 6 and 7. The exchange of the experiences from this area will allow our students gain knowledge, take part in robotics competitions and achieve successes. At the moment we are carrying out Erasmus Plus KA 1 project entitled “Programming, robotics and digital competence as the key to students’ success”. Some of the teachers take part in the project and they gain abilities connected with ICT, programming and robotics. Two years ago we bought first mBot robots. They can be programmed in the mBlock environment based on Scratch, so they were compatible with our ICT syllabus, in which we used this environment to teach programming. We have also got LEGO Minstorms set EV 3 Education, which we use during the additional robotics classes for the students. Last year we got interested in VEX IQ robots because of the possibilities of programming them in the MOODKIT environment. We bought the first VEX IQ sets last year and we are conducting the classes with the group of students who are interested in them. This year we are going to buy next sets and develop the teaching based on the VEX IQ robots. The main people involved in the project will be the teachers of ICT and technical classes. They have got the appropriate education and abilities necessary to conduct the ICT classes, technical classes and robotics. They systematically take part in the courses and are involved in the project of implementing the latest technologies in the process of teaching. The teachers of English, Maths and Physics will also be involved in the project. The two main people responsible for the project will be ICT teachers Mariusz Wróblewski and Dawid Wojtaszek. And in case something happens there are two additional English teachers Joanna Rączy and Ewa Ruszel.

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