Vikeså skule

2013-06 Vikeså (13)

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Vikeså school was established in 1967 in the municipality of Bjerkreim, an hours drive south of Stavanger in the South-western Norway. For the village to have their own school became vital for their subsistence, consequently the local support for the school has always been very good. The school has got a headmaster, two second headmasters, ca 45 teachers, and  300+ students aged between 6-16. Every class has its Special Education Needs students, who are attending special classes in some topics and follow their ordinary class in others.

The school has four computerlabs and one class has started using tabs with every student.

Our studentpopulation  is composed of everything from local farmers, people moving out of big cities to foreign workers from USA, Germany, Poland, Romania and some Kurd and Somali refugees. Parents will be everything from scientists to illiterate immigrants.


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