Spain: Visit to the Museum of Design in Barcelona

As part of the activities on “Hands-on-Maths-and-Science”,  students and teachers from the Erasmus Creativity Club (ECC) in Vallbona d’Anoia visited the Museum of Design in Barcelona on 14th December 2016.

Fist, we did a workshop called “Extraordinary Objects” over the collection of “Decorative Arts” on the first floor of the museum. The visit was guided by a monitor who told us interesting facts about each object that we were meeting in our tour. Students worked in small groups.

There were objects that reflected the social classes of the past, commerce, the role of the colonies and globalization. Many of them had truly interesting stories, such as the huge cabinets which hid hundreds of drawers and secret compartments that only the owners of the cabinets knew.

After the workshop, we visited the museum, especially the collection on the ground floor, which is called “product design”. Many students and teachers also visited the collection about the evolution of clothes on the second floor, which was fascinating.

Please see some photos of our visit on the album below:

At home, students had a special assignment to reflect on the importance of design and innovation in our society. Thus, we focused on the collection of “Product Design”. Students had to choose an object from the collection and had to explain the technical aspects of the product (what it was, what it was used for, who the author was, when it was invented, etc.) They also had to invent a story where everyone could see the changes that object had made for our society, before and after its appearance.

Please read the task below.

Students prepared their oral presentations and presented them at the ECC sessions in front of their peers and their teachers.

Here are some of their best works:


And you? What objects do you think have made a great change in society?


Authors: Miquel Robert (ECC student) and Carmen Flores.

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