Our school Breg, is an elementary school situated in Ptuj, the oldest city in Slovenia. 258 students aged 6-14 study and 34 teachers work in our school. We are a school with Slovenian language of instruction. It was founded in 1872 which is based on the principles of Grundtvig and Kold.

In our school emphasis is put on development of individual aptitude and interests of the students. For these purpose we offer a wide range of selective subjects: Tourism Education, Sport for Health , Sport for release , Chosen sport – football , Experiments in chemistry , Modern food preparation, ICT and Multimedia, Stars and Space, Rhetoric, embroidery etc … We have very active and creative students.

The aims of our school are the following:

  • First, to prepare pupils in order to be admitted to High school.
  • Second, to offer intercultural education teaching cooperation and tolerance between people of different cultures and origin.

The pupils of our school could be characterized as participants with specific needs for multiple reasons. Our school’s population consists of minority groups of student with learning and behavioral deficits and also many talented students. For our future this project will be a perfect opportunity to develop students specific skills. In this respect we intend to be the host of one meeting with the partners, which will give us the possibility to promote the Slovenian culture and traditions, as well as multiculturalism and diversity in Europe.


Check this page – www.robotics-slovenia.com

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