Istituto secondario di primo grado Mazzini


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Our school is an Italian Secondary School, located in Livorno ( centre of Italy) with a population of over 700 pupils and 80 teachers. In our school there are some students with specific needs such as migrants with little knowledge of the Italian language, participants at risk and social exclusion and disabled students. Most of the pupils live in the area and they reach the school on foot or by bike. Our school has got four seats in different part of the city, so students’ background is varied, they can either belong to wealthy or modest families.
In our school we teach three foreign languages: English, French and Spanish.
Our school is one of the two Music schools in town, some of the students have afternoon private lessons with music teachers, music is part of the national curriculum for those students. They can play cello, piano, french horn or drums. We also have an orchestra that is cooperating with Istituto Mascagni that is the city music conservatory.
Our aim is to make pupils understand that diversity enriches our culture and to develop their potential in an enriching environment.

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